Cheap Rental Cars In New York

Author - July 27, 2018

There are some reasons why people rent cars in New York, some because they are stars of movies or TV and want to appear in a very nice car, others because they’ve wrecked their own car and needed a means of transportation. A New York car rental runs the gamut from the lowest kinds of used cars, lemons as it were, to brand new cars with almost no mileage on them.

There are New York car rental places that rent the most exotic cars such as Porsches, Lincolns, Cadillacs, BMWs, as well as a Jaguar or Mercedes too. Many businesses rent truly exceptional exotic imported cars to impress their business clientele. Perhaps you desire to be the Playboy of New York for a night and wish to make a positive impression on a certain comely young lady?

There are some who use a New York car rental to give themselves a sense of power, and these are the ones who rent SUV and Hummers. Others just want to see how the other half lives, and thus go to a New York car rental to just drive a Mercedes for the first time in their lives.

Luxury, New York car rental, is extremely easy to find, and off you’ll go driving by such neighborhood locations as the World Trade Center site, and a less somber locale such as the intimate forested roads of Central Park. You’ll also get a chance to admire the ubiquitous horse-drawn carriages there too. There is nothing like driving through trendy SoHo and Tribeca or seeing ethnic Little Italy and the diversity of China Town. Whatever you do, do not miss the architectural exquisiteness that is the George Washington Bridge!

Perhaps a luxury New York car rental is not exactly what you had in mind; maybe we should lower our sights a bit for you. In that case, at this very moment, once may rent a Nissan Versa, that seats four, has air conditioning and unlimited mileage in New York City for under $70.00 per day. This is of course immensely lower than what you would be charged for a luxury New York car rental.

Thus, before you call any New York car rental facility, you need to make up your mind about the impression you wish to make, the comfort you wish to ride in, and what your particular personal needs are. Also, of course, you also need to establish what your budget will be for your New York car rental.

Dealing with a New York car rental agency is quite simple, your airline or your hotel may already have a partnership arrangement with an agency that will save you quite a bit of money. If not feel free to check around using the yellow pages or the Internet to find what you need. Be sure and establish the pickup point as well as the drop off destination, it often influences the cost of the rental. You should also decide in advance whether or not you desire capped mileage or unlimited mileage.

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