10 Tips for Spring Checks for Homes

Author - September 11, 2018

Classic spring cleaning still has a place to stay on the calendar. But it is equally important to subject the building to a thorough examination after winter. Our tips and checklists will help you recognize damage or damage in and in your home in a timely manner.

Cold and storm, rain and snow can not only place buildings on the roof and on the facade, but also cause damage inside. After winter, cracks and cracks in the outer skin are one of the most common consequences. Lauer, a humid winter, however, supports mold infestation, especially in home interiors. However, during and after winter, humidity is the biggest danger to a house. Therefore, you must deal with possible damage with the same attention. Our tip list helps you to process methodically during the inspection:

1. The focus should be on the roof, facade, heating and windows / doors for tightness, function and other visible damage after winter.

2. If damage is found, the cause must be investigated. This does not help to repair small cracks in the facade if the insulation below has been damaged by moisture.

3. Depending on the extent, thermographic images (thermal images) can provide information about the effects of damage.

4. If you find a fungus during the examination, the fungal infestation must be treated immediately. Consider the involvement of a specialist. The fungus is dangerous and can also damage your health.

5. Only warming has done heavy work throughout the winter. Therefore, not only is your heating system checked by a chimney sweep, but also regularly by a specialist. And it must have shown that heaters have just become gehangelt through winter, spring will be an ideal time to take (more energy efficient) Spare eyes.

6. When checking the roof, do not move without guarantee on the planted roof. If it rumbles on the roof when the wind is strong, check the conditions inside or with a view from the glass roof. If the eye does not find a damaged area, experts such as roofers or plumbers must be assigned to inspection.

7. Don’t forget to take this opportunity to check the solar panels, rain gutters and downpipes and ask to be cleaned if necessary.

8. You also have to move carefully on a flat roof with a gravel trim so as not to hurt the protective sheet.

9. Controlled also outdoor facilities such as forecourts, garden chairs, balconies, patios etc.

10. Record the results of the check using our checklist. In this way, the required repair work can be better coordinated after that.


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