12 Tips for Caring for Your Skin to Stay Beautiful

Author - September 11, 2018

What’s the secret? The secret of beautiful skin? Of course, good genes are optimal conditions. But there is undoubtedly one or more ingenious tricks that you can take to heart in everyday life to make your skin glow. From care tips to nutrition: Here are 12 tips for beautiful skin!

1. Deep care

Masks – specifically made for skin types – provide skin with lots of care ingredients. Good side effects: The effect is immediately visible, so you might want to apply a little thicker before the big show. The active ingredient can penetrate very well when the pores open. So close in the bathroom and mask!

2. Sunscreen

This is undeniable: Sunbeams ages the skin and in the worst cases can cause skin cancer. Anyone who regularly protects against it, therefore, not only plays it safely, but also lets wrinkle-free skin age. It is best to look for daily UV protection in creams and / or daily make-up.

3. Please massage!

To get beautiful skin, you have to massage your face more often. Before applying make-up, massage the entire face with small fingers with a rich cream for about three minutes. Now the skin has been supplied with blood, looks plump and make-up remains good for longer.

4. Maintain low fat!

Restraint is needed for highly nutritious formulas. Too much fat in the cream creates a good breeding ground for dirt, come to ingredients that support blackhead (comedogenic) such as nuts, sesame or olive oil, pseudo pimples. Wool wax (lanolin) and active ingredients that make cream (for example, ethyl alcohol) or some emulsifiers that combine fat and water (eg PEG-polyethylene glycol) can obscure the appearance of the skin.

5. Enjoy your food!

Vitamin A stimulates cell division and increases the formation of elastic fibers. Carrots, Hokkaido squash, broccoli, and spinach so avoid dry skin. Vitamins C and E are also friends of the skin, because they tighten the connective tissue. Therefore, eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains and nuts.

6. More or less!

Porcelain is also available for sensitive skin. To clean and treat sensitive skin is: The simpler the treatment, the better. Because the less material you wear on your skin, the less likely it will be to react to irritation. It makes sense to use a complete treatment series, because the ingredients optimally match each other. Good are those with soothing hot water.

7. A little caffeine is possible!

Although many studies now say that caffeine does not remove the body of water, it still has a strong acidification effect – and a too acidified digestive system also affects our skin. Who does not make radical withdrawals, at least must pay attention to low caffeine consumption.

8. Drink water

Yes, yes, we have known for a long time, drinking lots is also very helpful. For extra kicks in the morning: Drink a glass of water with half lemon juice on an empty stomach. This keeps the skin fresh and tight. Plus: Metabolism is stimulated directly.

9. Don’t smoke!

Nicotine and other pollutants in smoke constrict vessels and inhibit blood circulation. The skin looks dull and age faster. It is not without reason that smokers are often considered older than they really are.

10. Oxygen makes you stay young

Those who refill a lot of fresh air do not only absorb oxygen through the lungs. We breathe 95 percent, and take 5 percent of our skin. Oxygen causes the cell division pulse, which makes us look fresh and radiant. So why not take a walk!

11. Sleep well

At night the regeneration of cells is in full swing. So, your skin will thank you with bright red skin, if you pay attention to regular sleep. Night cream with active ingredients from amino acids, ginkgo, tiger grass or wheat protein also helps to eliminate lymphatic fluids. So you say the ring of your eyes in your sleep.

12. Good mood

The best for the last: Skin is a reflection of the soul. Mental state can be reflected in the skin. So we can do anything that gives us a good mood to get beautiful skin. Shopping, walking, meeting with friends.


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