7 Tips on How to Perfect Your Marriage

Author - September 11, 2018

Marriage is a glittering celebration – but unfortunately there isn’t one decent photo, everything is blurry or blurry … Maybe not! Don’t fool yourself: the more intentional the motive, the better the photo. And the more instructions the photographer has, the more qualitative the image display. For selfies and photos, cellphone camera lenses must be free of fat and crumbs today. If in doubt, use an Opa sleeve jacket or glass cleaning cloth to polish it.

1. Order a photographer

Even if Dad is a passionate amateur photographer: For a wedding you have to hire a professional. Especially because dad wants to celebrate sometime. Professional photographers know how to move, so as not to interfere with the party, and supervise guests who have not been photographed. It’s best in a circle of friends to hear whether someone can make a recommendation. Investments (prices starting at around 500 euros including travel, equipment / lenses, image editing) are very valuable. Photos of friends and family are additional additions.

2. Think about the hashtag

Write Instagram hashtags for weddings at invitations and place small signs on the table at the wedding reception. On the Internet you will find lots of templates for hashtags, starting

3. Treat yourself with professional makeup

Nuts and bolts for beautiful portrait photos of brides – professional make-up. This lasts throughout the day and emphasizes all the benefits that will come to them later in the photo. Even humans can tolerate pores and powder purification. If you want to do make-up yourself: Here’s a step-by- step guide!

4. Think and set the motive

Not only the bride and groom, but also parents, grandmother and grandfather, male siblings and accompanists must be photographed with group photos or individually. Even before the ceremony you must decide with the photographer the location where all photos can be taken. This can be a beautiful door, a tree in the garden, or a white wall, arranged in a flower decoration. Classically, the bride always stands right next to her husband.

5. Buy Photo Booth Props

Even if the budget is not enough for a photo box, accessories such as mustaches, sunglasses, or kisses on the stick loosen the mood and make photos more enjoyable. The best is to buy a large package for chicken and wedding parties!

6. Nature

Hope there is no fish gape or duck face – in the photo you should see. Best practice in front of a mirror at home.

7. Use the application

Photographers can get rid of zits, wrinkles and blemishes thanks to Photoshop and Blur. For cellphones, there are image editing applications like “Facetune”, which can smooth the skin and narrow the narrow waist. Just don’t make it too stuffed, otherwise it will look unnatural. For beautiful collages, pictures with slogans or colored backgrounds: Download “A Beautiful Mess” and “Party, Party”.


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