9 Tips For Beautifying An Uncomplicated Home

Author - September 11, 2018

1. Attach wallpaper

British wallpaper designer Deborah Bowness has great ideas. He prints paper rolls by hand with a bookshelf, brick wall or damask cloth. This creates the illusion that you are in an old house or even in a library. This collection also includes shorter parts printed with plates, mirrors, bird cages, bouquets, or floor lamps. They look funny and shocking on every wall. Especially in the hallway or Entré so that it can make the eye attractive with little effort. What about the glued window facing the Minister of York?

2. Flowers

Yes, yes, I know you will bring it up yourself! But sometimes the obvious is still the best. No matter what is wrong in your own home, a decent stack of flowers will be arranged! And yes, they always die relatively quickly, but nothing is eternal … and a good bottle of wine doesn’t last longer. All priority issues!

3. Buy a photo frame and cut the passpartout

Every few months I decorate the apartment, unfortunately I have a tendency to collect drives and must be careful that the house is not too crowded to be brave. To date, I have hung photos, posters and pictures with folded clips and rice nails, now the photo frames in 2D places and memories are hung behind the glass. Picture frames are available on hardware stores and Brockenhaus. So the apartment looks more mature, let’s see how long this phase lasts.

4. Many, many colorful birds

A touch of spring freshness is brought out with decorative colorful pillows with bird motifs into the house: parrots, cockatoos, birds of paradise, toucans, parakeets, Fantasy birds printed on cloth can be found everywhere in luxury furniture stores as well as on Migros . Add a CD with birds singing or forest storm (Musikverlag AMPLE Edition) and perfect tropical feeling.

5. New appearance for old furniture

Brushing individual furniture with paint creates a refreshing change. When painting furniture always sand first, first and paint with synthetic resin paint. For example, a simple Viennese chair furnished in turquoise or just the back of the chair with fine powder paint.

6. More or less

I do not like fully furnished living rooms. I want to limit myself to basic things; on furniture and items that you really need and beautiful. Flaps don’t always do that so tightly in practice. If I need a fresh feeling of life again this time, I will come out tight. Everything I don’t like 100% and / or is very necessary, must go.

7. Change details

Because with me the desire for something new in the apartment to light up regularly, I usually change small things and sew new pillowcases on the sofa. Maybe it’s something bigger, I like to buy a new chair. That’s why many of them are for me. My favorite place to Möbel-Schneuggen is Design and Music in Basel. Inspiration to provide details that I found here.

8. Souvenir, souvenir

I like the decorative settings in the apartment. Many beautiful accessories come from my grandparents and great-grandfather. More – more or less useful – memorabilia I bought while traveling. A small vase of Jonathan Adler from Miami, framed in a golden landscape from 1835 from Cape Town or a historical picture in the form of a tray of John Derian from New York … Whether old or new, I usually find something quite and hope for a short trip that will come to Istanbul!

9. Clean the window

Indeed, more than once a year, I didn’t even manage to clean the window. But after I had long watched winter because of the dirty rain discs that were still lay in the spring a thick layer of pollen, the difficulty for pride and joy deserved in that clear view! To clean, I mix in a basin of warm water with a few drops of detergent and vinegar and foam with a cloth disc. Then I rub the dry window with the newspaper, so there are no lines. Sports are done for today.

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