Daily Makeup Instructions For Makeup

Author - September 11, 2018

Light and modern arrangement is characterized by naturalness, but at the same time emphasizes the benefits of the face. Everyday make-up must look inconspicuous in the first place, level the skin and compensate for minor deviations. Eyes and eyebrows that slightly accentuate make up and conjure up sharp eyes.

We show you step by step how to use make-up to make up beautiful trends for the day in just a few steps – a truly natural look of beauty, but with intense effects.

The right foundation for makeup

As a basis for perfect day make-up, clear skin appearance is very important. With the right combination of foundation, concealer and rouge, make-up takes place throughout the day, making the skin look fresh and fresh.

1. For a bright appearance of make-up, you have to make your skin clean. This is achieved by applying a mild fluid make-up that is applied with tapping movements to the entire face.

2. Now arrange the eyebrows to form the appropriate frame: Hair is first brushed for this purpose. The top edge and missing part are now painted with eyebrow pencil without the red part. Then brush the eyebrow hair back to its original shape.

3. For a refreshing fresh kick and to hide the redness around the eyes, concealer is applied, which is two colors brighter than the actual skin color. Apply the star shape around the eyes and use your fingertips or brush from the outside in

4. The touch of the rouge that flows from the jaw joint to the corner of the mouth gives the right contour on the face. Using a brush, rouge is placed on the cheekbones. For a narrow face shape, apply more to the top of the cheekbones.

Make-up eyebrows in make-up days

Rounding up the look of the make-up day with a little emphasis on the eyes. A little kohl, eyeshadow and mascara in fine colors give a direct aha effect and make the display more alert.

1. Using a black or dark brown kohl pencil, the upper eyelid line is now on time set as a line from the outer corner of the eye. This is then slightly blurred with a tilting brush.

2. For modern eye makeup, we now apply full color eye shadow throughout the moving eyelid. Then let the paint run out into the eyelid fold with a brush or fingertip and veneer.

3. Now the eyelid line is also placed on the lower edge of the eyelid. To do this, pull the black or brown kohl from the inside out. To prevent the eyeliner from looking too hard, blur the kohl with a tilting brush gently. Add a touch of eye shadow for more intensity.

4. Now just brush the upper lash line vigorously with mascara. This is easiest with small zigzag movements out. If you like, you can still take a bath with the lower lash line.

For a perfect finish, apply a touch of rosé gloss or lipstick to highlight the lips.

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