Wedding Tips For You Who Have Children

Author - September 11, 2018

Many brides marry a child and ask themselves before marriage about the question of how to organize this tumultuous day as a family. This of course depends on the age of the child and in what style of marriage is planned. For moms & dads who are willing to get married, we have good wedding tips.

Marrying a baby: who cares about the baby?

No matter what age: The child of the couple is on their wedding day next to their parents a small star from the wedding and not to be answered when Mom and Dad give themselves a knot. Marrying a child doesn’t matter if everything has been thought of in preparation for marriage. The easiest way is to find someone from the wedding guest line who will help the bride and care for the baby before the wedding day. Grandma & Grandpa, a bride or a close friend (not a companion) of the bride is ideal when it comes to baby care during the wedding. Either the baby sleeps there or the caregiver sleeps in the family home. Thus baby care can be given in the hands he knows. On wedding mornings, couples have enough time to calm down and be less stressed. This relaxed atmosphere is done by auf children and babies have ideally a good mood and do not see that parents on this extraordinary day are not so present on sind night. Noch is packed all that is needed on wedding day for babies: – milk bottles & food accessories babies at Gläschen- Babytee-Lätzchen-dot Krabbeldecke & Babyspielzeug-diapers & preparation of Wickelzeug- Wechselkleidung- BabyphoneDie from bottles or porridge and

meals can be discussed the previous day with grandmother, aunt or boyfriend and trying very well. Everything works well on the wedding day. So the child is present at the celebration, mom and dad know that someone cares lovingly, and can relax at the wedding ceremony.

Nap for babies and toddlers

Getting married is beautiful, but it’s also tiring. In order for the baby to rest in the meantime, baby naps should be considered as early as during preparation for marriage. If you organize a wedding celebration at home or at a parent’s home or in-law’s house, it’s certainly not complicated, because you might have a small room for your own child, but also for small wedding guests. Celebrate in a restaurant or hotel, if one of the adjoining rooms can be used as a restroom or chosen wedding location around the apartment, so caring families can go there with the baby for lunch.

Include toddlers and older children in planning

Marriage preparation takes a lot of time. As a bride and mother, you may feel that your child may experience a brief relationship. Involve you and your fiance in the planning phase, junior age is appropriate. Father can bring his son with him to choose the groom’s suit together. The girl accompanies the bride to the flower shop and becomes a small adviser, whose flowers are perfect for bridal wear. Boys and girls often have fun if they are allowed to be the center of attention. For children it is a spotlight, if the girl also likes mother to try beautiful clothes and choose one for marriage. Guys likes to choose fancy shirts and ties to be the smartest “man” at marriage, along with dad. And of course, every boy wants to be there as a consultant when the groom visits a luxury limousine for a wedding anniversary and the two people are even allowed to sit in stretch limos for exams.

Wedding tips: So marriage for parents and children becomes an extraordinary party

Tip 1: Get a babysitter

If there is no person in the family or in a circle of friends who care for children or children at a wedding, child caregivers can be employed. Before the appointment of a dream, the child caregiver must take care of the child once or twice. This builds trust and helps make your child feel comfortable.

Tip 2: Invite other children

If possible, invite children of the same age. So your child has a playmate during the wedding celebration. Give wedding bubbles (bubbles), paint your own, and plan some wedding games for kids to attend.

Tip 3: Create play opportunities

Choose a child-friendly wedding location. Ideal is a restaurant, which is not located directly on a busy road and best even has a covered courtyard, where there is a small playground for children. Or, maybe the game room can be arranged in a contiguous space, so kids won’t get bored. You and your husband don’t have to worry about your child being good. Of course, adult wedding guests do not mind, alternating times with children to safeguard rights.

Tip 4: Include a child in marriage

Mom and Dad’s marriage is an interesting event for every child to actively participate. Of course, this also applies if you or your husband are not biological parents and you are married as a patchy family. Including his offspring, for example, as a child of interest. If you are married as a patchy family, a gift together as a symbol of family together is a good idea. For example, non-physical parents can give carved bracelets or necklaces to signal that they are all now family.

Tip 5: Sleep well and have fun with the photographer

If you are married as a parent, children are part of wedding photos. Appointment with a photographer should be scheduled in the morning or evening, when the children are still asleep. Especially the promises in the morning are very good because children’s clothes are still clean and tidy. This can be different after a wedding cake or wedding dinner. If the appointment for a wedding photo takes place in the afternoon, the child may have to be moved again. But it’s quite a break and in a good mood, when an unforgettable wedding atmosphere is captured by photographers with cameras.

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